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New Single Out Today!

Hello and happy Friday! New Music Friday, that is. Darren Nicholson here - I'm excited to share my new single with you today!

"Your Love Makes Me High" speaks to the quintessential battle that people have with letting demons go. It's one of those songs that surprisingly takes you to a level of emotional depth that most songs never reach. It was written by one of the greatest songwriters of our time, the late Harley Allen - but it was never released.

The third in a series of three singles from a pre-pandemic recording session earlier this year, "Your Love Makes Me High" features the Darren Nicholson Band along with guest David Johnson on fiddle and pedal steel. It's one of my favorite things I've ever recorded, and we want to get it out there for the world to hear! This is a song that I really love and believe in.

"Your Love Makes Me High" is available now wherever you get your music. Listen on Spotify here, or look it up on your favorite streaming platform.

You can also download it directly from my site by visiting the Music page! However you choose to listen, I hope you enjoy the new song. Thank you for your support!

- Darren


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